About Us

FaduwArt Bt. is a member of

the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
the Arabic Section of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
the Chinese Section of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

FaduwArt Bt. is a small and flexible family firm. We started our business in computer graphics, desktop publishing, and music notes as sole proprietorship in 1991, then as a partnership from 2001.

Now we extended our activities to

  • publishing e-books (e-publishinghouse.com),
  • developing interactive e-books (.mobi, .epub),
  • developing digital study material (e-studymaterials.com)
  • creating flipping e-publications, e-magazines, e-books,
  • distributing software for micro, small, and medium sized companies, and educational institutions,
  • localizing software to the Hungarian market and provide technical support in Hungarian. We are the link between users and developers. Most of the Hungarian users in the above metnioned sectors need/like “Hungarian speaking software” and Hungarian help/support.

The first localized software was NeoBook which was very popular in Hungary. Now Fast-Help, Atomic Email Hunter, Atomic Mail Sender, Atomic Mail Verifier, Atomic Lead Extractor and Atomic Email Studio have Hungarian version. RationalPlan project planning and Kotobee e-book author have Hungarian interface and help file. If you are interested in having Hungarian version, e-mail us!

We have EU tax number, so we can provide services and software tax-free to companies which have also EU-tax number.

Letter:  FaduwArt Bt., 1281 Budapest, Pf. 53.
Phone:+3613916863 (Answering machine)
EU tax number:  HU 20959865
Bank account:  CIB Bank, IBAN HU26 1070 0718 4760 2308 5110 0005
Location:  1029 Budapest
Webhost provider:  Tárhely.eu