Flipping books

Photoalbum? Magazine? Catalog?

We have an environfriendly solution:

e-album! e-magazine! e-catalog! e-book!

Flipping e-publication on a website

Spectacular, user friendly, legible on mobile devices as well (responsive).

Good alternative to downloadable static PDFs.

We create your flipping e-catalog, e-brochure, e-book from a PDF file! 
From 22 EUR (ex VAT)!

If you do not have (pdf) publication, we can design and create it!

The e-publication can be displayed on a webpage, or it is possible to compile it to Windows exe application, or to Android App, if you want to distribute it e.g. on a CD.

Animations, which can make the publication more attractive

Attention grabbing animation, e.g. which can highlight important advertisements. E.g.

  • glowing above a text,
  • flicker, jump, scroll, zoom and rotate, zoom focus,
  • swing, rotate, zoom, shine inside, etc.
  • „ugráló”, forgó, „rezgő”, villogó, billegő, növekvő-csökkenő stb. kép, alakzat,
  • moving object, picture through the page.

Example in Yearbook fo Plastic and Rubber Industry.

Embed video, sound, website, galery

lapozhatós videó bemutató

It is possible to insert a video, an existing website or galery, or sound, music at a given place in the publication. There are several styles of the galery.


With a push button (which can be invisible also) we can create an interactive e-book:

  • open a dialog box, an information window with picture, sound, text,
  • show an image a galery, a video,
  • start a voice file,
  • open a specified page, or website,
  • open a mail app to send a letter to a specified address,
  • activate another element on the page (rotate, move, change text, etc.

Style of the interface and the background, other tools

lapozós háttér
  • Any color, image can be as a background, or you can choose a dinamic (animated) background, according to the publication style.
  • You can choose a specific interface style.
  • Your logo can be on the interface.
  • Other tools: TOC, thumbnails, bookmark, QR-code, notes, share button, search button, download the original pdf, display ads, Google Analytics code can be included, the publication can be protected from a specified page by a password or by a list of accounts (username and password).

Publication in the cloud, e-bookshelf

lapozhatós e-könyvespolc

The possibilities are endless. Ask a quotation! (info@faduwart.hu)

E.g. a publication with 4-10 pages (default settings without modification) 22 EUR (w/o VAT)!