On this webpage you can read about our actual services. Flipping publications are getting more popular than static PDFs. They can be appareled with special effects. Our latest service is publishing and selling e-books, which is highly recommended to higher educational institutions to publish teacher’s subject specific educational material (cheap for students, generates income to teachers). See details on its website:

Developing flipping books

lapozós animáció

We can create e-catalog, e-brochure, e-book from PDF, which can be published on a website, or can be distributed on CD or other ways (in exe, html, or Android app format). If you need, we can host the publication on our server, and you can provide the link to your clients, or the publication can be embedded on your webpage. More publications can have bookshelf on our special website.
We can insert other elements in the publication. They are shapes, embedded Youtube or Vimeo video, embedded website, music, animation, attention-grabbing effects, PayPal link, etc. The background can be any color or animated effect or any image. The book environment can include TOC, ads, QR-code, logo with link, etc. More….

Designing and creating publications, desktop publishing


We can design and publish paper-based book, brochure, newspaper, or leaflet. The input can be a draft, a manuscript, or a document file. If necessary, we can draw the figures, illustrations from scratch or according to a description. The implementation can be done according to your instruction as well. We can provide the finished material in pdf format, or we can arrange the press as well via our partner.

Designing and creating electronic publications, inteactive learning material, animation


If you have a paper based book, catalog, newspaper, ppt presentation, we can create its html5 format. The advantage of this format, that it can be interactive, can contain video, voice/sound/music, subtitle, questions and checking the answers as well. Distributing is not a problem. You can copy it just as many times as you need. Or you can distribute it via Internet, or display it online, and can be protected by a password.

Explanatory animation is also available in an MP4 format.

Existing studybook can have a CD annex, or a pptx presentation material, containing video, animation, tests, or voice narration, so students can enjoy it without the teacher…

Designing and creating interactive, learning aid


Getting more popular the electronic learning aids. They can be accessed on the Internet or in the Intranet, or can be distributed on CDs. Interactivity helps selfstudy also. Ideal for distance teaching/distance learning.

Creating, publishing, selling e-books


We can convert the MS Word, or PDF format publications (books, studybooks, university notebooks, teaching materials) to an e-format (epub, mobi, drmz), can request ISBN number if necessary, then we can sell in our webshop Of course, existing e-book can be sold via our webshop also. It is possible to protect it with DRM, so it can be read only with special reader, cannot be copied to another device. Details in